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This printer has 3 extruders to 1 nozzle. It is a mixing configuration that allows me to setup various combinations of the 3 extruders to form a different color. I can then assign each variation a "Tool" number. My question is regarding which setting file I should use. I assume it would be the MMU setting file. Correct?

Another question, if I may.....

When I receive the Simplycolor3d zip file from your server, I just load the gcode file into my slicer and tell it to run?? I did that, and it was so exciting that my printer had fits. It was like it just started to print the moment I told S3d to print via usb. It never waited for the hotend or bed to warm up. So, what did I do wrong? BTY, I did get it to start printing, but I had to manually turn on the hotend and bed before I told it to print. 

And to I do anything with the INI file that is within the zip file? A bit of explanation on the .mtl, .png, .ini, files are for and if we need to do anything with them.


This looks very promising!



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Hi Israel,

I know that we've been talking via email but I'll reply to your post here for completeness.

Yes the MMU settings file is correct for your setup.

The heating commands need to be entered into the 'Start gcode' section of the settings file.

Yes, you just need to load the gcode file into the control program for your printer and hit 'run'.

The ini file that is contained in the zip file, along with the png and obj, are just there backup. Just so you have exactly the files saved that were used to create the gcode file.