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Simplify3D+Chroma (Palette 2S Pro) setup

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Hey everyone,

I ordered the purge mechanism to print multicolor prints without a tower on my MK3S. My current setup is that I use a very tuned profile on S3D with Chroma to treat the GCODEand print on my Palette 2S Pro.

It's unclear to me what GCODE I should add on my S3D profiles and also how to configure my Chroma to use the retractable purge mechanism instead of making a tower?

Unless I missed something like a guide on the website, can anyone give me guidance on what I am supposed to do?


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I'm in the same boat... With both a "PRUSA i3 MK3s" and the "Palette 2 Pro S".  I also utilize the OctoPrint based Mosaic "Palette HUB S".

I know depending on Chroma is a likely necessity heading forward; but I've yet to do so.
Thus far, I have only spent a short period of time working with my "Palette 2 Pro S" via their website based slicing.

There are guides on the website... For instance, the GCODE instruction for the Purge Mechanism are here:

And that there is also a great deal of information here:

However, there is also mention on the Blog, under the "How can you help" section; where item #2 (BELOW) says "there are limitation on utilizing it with Canvas products".  :-/ 
...I do hope this can be overcome when using Chroma..?

"How can You help?

There are a couple challenging areas that we could use your help with:

1)One of the best things you can do is share your MultiColor prints on Reddit/Facebook/Thingiverse. This will naturally promote the project and help more users find out about this new way of purging.

2)Support for Canvas. It’s has been learned that Canvas cannot support the Retractable Purge Mechanism without a code change. Writing to Mosaic and nicely suggesting that you would also like them to support the Retractable Purge Mechanism in Canvas would go a long way."

You may want to also check out this latest YouTube Video:

If you don't mind; please let me know if this helped; and if you ultimately have any luck getting you Mosaic Pallet 2 Pro set up?? 

Thank you,
- Michael

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