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5 Trends That Could Shake Up The Online Entertainment Industry In 2019
5 Trends That Could Shake Up The Online Entertainment Industry In 2019
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There is no doubt about fact that 2018 was the year of rebound for the business of movies.



The US box office set a record with 11.38 billion dollars, which is going to climb in 2019.

The online gaming industry, at the same time, has also done pretty well. Games like PUBG and many other mobile games have made it so far that how to play PUGB and is among the hot topics searched on Google.





1. More movie-ticket subscription options

Among the biggest stories at the movies in 2018 was the rapid increase in the number of people carrying a movie pass. However, it was turned out that more and more theatergoers like a subscription-based model exactly like they like to pay for one or more streaming services of their choice.





This also has opened doors for AMC theaters to bring its A-list plan, which has become popular too, as the chain's subscriptions have also increased.

2. More Disney-Fox-like Studio mergers are expected

Disney would acquire assets from 21st Century Fox along with the movie studios would cause other entertainment companies the idea of nabbing a second.





This brings everyone to one question and that is which studios Disney will team up next. While there is no news about any particular studio teaming up with Disney, Sony and Paramount are two names that are always taken while conversing the Disney team up.

As Sony has found a new box office resurgence in its Spiderman Properties, Paramount has also signed a multi-picture agreement with Netflix.





Both the companies can be seen on the rebound and alluring abreast of the acquisition.

3. Will the theatrical window undergo reconsideration

The largest theater chain in the U.S., Landmark Theaters, was sold by to the Cohen Media Group last month, which included 252 screens while the amount remained undisclosed.





Earlier, these studios were expected to be sold to Netflix to the Byron Allen's Entertainment Studios, to everyone right from Amazon.

Landmark is willing to show its Netflix movies in theaters just as it has been showing many of its shows in theaters and online simultaneously.



And, the same is not going to change on Cohen's watch.

4. Box-office records set in 2018 could break in 2019

As the North American box office has already crossed its own 2016 record $11.37 billion, the worldwide box office is also likely to hit its own all-time record.





Well, this is nothing but just the beginning.

In 2019, there are arguably more releases are expected and the list includes Captain Marvel, Avengers: Endgame, Shazam by DC Comics movies, Dumbo by Disney Movies, Us by Jordan Peele (sequel of Get Out), Dark Phoenix, Aladdin, Men in Black International, Spiderman: Far From Home, The Lion King, Star Wars: Episode IX, and Toy Story 4, which makes 2019 box office surpass 2018's.





5. Apple to launch its original movie content

In 2018, it was all-the-way in news about Apple's plan for TV. However, the company's plans for the movies site perhaps somewhere in the clouds.

The news about Apple teaming up with the independent producers/distributors A24 (moonlight) on a multi-year deal that is to release a series of films.





However, that's nothing but just one branch of the massive plan of Apple for the original content.

However, what we all can expect is this could be trial by Apple to produce blockbusters in 2019.

















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