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Narrow Bathroom Renovation
Narrow Bathroom Renovation
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JG Builders and Renovations have 25 years building and house renovation, bathrooms, laundry and tiling experience in both the residential and commercial sector. Our reputation has been built on the foundations of narrow bathroom renovation: delivering quality work on time and on budget. Once you’ve prepped your subfloor, determine how much tile you need. To do this, multiply your bathroom, floor’s length and width to calculate square footage. Remember to buy more tile than you need to ensure you have enough. Once you have adequate tools and materials, you can start laying bathroom floor tiles. We recommend starting in the corner of your bathroom, so you can square up with the wall. Another space-saving sink alternative is a trough sink. It features a stylish, narrow design that effectively frees up floor space and allows occupants to move around the room more freely.

average cost to redo kitchen countertops

$3000 is the average cost of countertop installation, but what if you want to replace your current countertops? Well, it isn’t cheap to do so! A lot of effort goes into removing your current countertop and to replace it with another. So, if you’re planning to replace, it, you can expect to incur an expense of $50 to $6000. Everyone, knows that a marble countertop is an epitome of luxury. It’s perhaps the costliest countertop material that you’ll lay your eyes on. It’s softer than other stones and yet is heat resistant and cool to the touch. Most importantly, this naturally stunning material comes in a wide array of patterns and colors 8212 each one unique in terms of veins and patterns. Yes, you can glue new laminate over old laminate countertops, as long as you prepare the space properly. You will need to remove the finish on the old material, and cut the new laminate to fit over the countertops. Then, use contact cement to bond the new surface to the old one.

new kitchen renovation

Additionally, we offer 100% Home Improvement Financing for replacement kitchen remodeling projects, with low monthly payment plans. Please call anytime at 855-624-6655 or contact us by filling out a request, and we will schedule a free kitchen estimate, to explain our kitchen remodeling options and pricing. Our kitchen remodeling prices are reasonable and cri custom remodelers inc our workmanship is exceptional. We appreciate you considering our company! If your current kitchen doesnrsquot fit your lifestyle, a kitchen remodel can make it the kitchen of your dreams. A cosmetic kitchen renovation is a simple reno that replaces easily removed items. This might include things such as a new countertop, new tiled backsplash, new appliances, new hardware on your cabinet doors and drawer fronts or a new coat of paint in the kitchen.



cri custom remodelers inc
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