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Exporting problems Split models issues

John Day
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When I split and save the model as a STL I get a zip file that I extract and then drag all files to Prusa Slicer and click yes to make it a multicolor single object. My problem is that my model is a Barrel with no lid and a hollow inside but when I export the file and open in Prusa Slicer the model is now solid or the open area on the inside has been filled-in, effectively ruining the model.  Am I doing something wrong? Here are some pictures.

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Currently the SimplyColor3D 2.0 does not support holes or perfectly flat horizontal surfaces. Colors added to a perfectly flat horizontal surface (like the top of a coffee table)will not be split. Splitting does not currently support holes and they will be filled as though solid. The result you are seeing is expected.
We are working on a fix for this.. You can see updates to known issues in this forum post.
I'm sorry for the trouble. In the meantime, and though I know it's not ideal, you could angle models so that the color is not on a perfectly horizontal surface.