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fixes coming?

kyle fjerkenstad
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i  contacted a couple days after simplycolor3d was released, i was having issues with jagged splits and holes that where filled.

Was told cant paint on totally flat surfaces and they knew about the problem with holes. Was also told that they hoped to have it fixed in a couple of days, that was over a month ago. Still having issues, as it is it is pretty much useless to me since most of my models have flat surfaces and holes.

Any update coming?

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Hi @kyle-fjerkenstad

Those issues are still being actively worked on. We had one of our main developers leave suddenly. If that hadn't happened it would be fixed already. I'm sure that you can appreciate that hiring and training a new employee for a complex task will take some time. Then implementing the fixes will take a while from there. We hope that we'll have these fixes done within April. We're trying our best.