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New Feature Request: Autosave!!!!

John Day
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I just spent an hour + painting a model only to have your software crash and reload. I was crossing my fingers that my model and work would come back but it did not!!!  Please look into having an auto save feature. I will start trying to save my work more as I go but this is going to be a big issue as I have had 5 or 6 crashes on the software today alone. Thanks

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I know that is super frustrating. We were doing some urgent upgrades to the server today and that is probably why it crashed. Make sure you save before splitting a model. Also you should save to your local computer through the '3D model menu' -> 'save model' & 'save texture'  in addition to the gallery. The gallery only saves to your local cache so if you clear your browser cache it will delete all your saves unless they are downloaded to your local comp.