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Progress on updates?

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Was wondering if there was any news about the new standalone version that was estimated to be released this month. So far this tool has not been very helpful. I have been able to color a few things, but there is always an issue that prevents it from being useful in actually printing them. It often breaks the model up in ways not related to the paint, even going so far as to color an entire cross section of just some layers of the model when the depth is set to only 1-3. Example attached. I have been hopeful that the new version would fix some of these issues as well as the inherent issues with the web based version, but not seeing any updates has me concerned.

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We are still working on it. There is nothing to update yet because V3 is not ready. We are still here and still working on it so there is no cause for additional concern. Just that things often take longer than expected...

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Over in Kickstarter, I saw the announcement of the Swapper. When I complained that none of the other things I bought from BigBrains has actually worked (purge mechanism and SimplyColor, I was promised by BigBrain3D that we’d get a (working and usable for printing) SimplyColor3d 3.0 by the end of the year. 

there are 6 days left…..I’m hopefully waiting…..

(but pretty skeptical)


here’s hoping….

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When I purchased this I was really hoping for a useful painting tool, I have yet to be able to actually print anything from it. Here is hoping. 

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I had the same problem trying to create any printable files after processing through the software and finally gave up a few months ago.

Having just received notification of a new version of the software, I have tried to install it to see what improvements have been made but have not been able to get the software working yet.