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[Sticky] Server Status: Running normally

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If there are service interruptions they will be posted here.

SimplyColor3D: Running normally.

There are some known issues with the application. We are working on them but will list them here just so you are aware:

  • Split Model is now online but imperfect. We are working continuously on this until it's perfected!!
  • Colors added to the a perfectly flat horizontal surface (like the top of a coffee table)will not be split
  • Splitting does not currently support holes and they will be filled.
  • Mac users may need to enable WebGL experimental support AND use FireFox, especially with Big Sur, as the app seems to not work with Chrome or Safari. Alternatively, running on a Mac w/Windows is confirmed to work with Chrome and FireFox.
  • Make sure you keep the browser open and in focus during the initial load sequence. It should only take 1 min to load. If you minimize the window then the browser will suspend the processes and it will look like it takes 15min+ (or an infinite period of time) but it's only an illusion.

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