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[Sticky] SimplyColor3D 2.0 Kickstarter backer & preorder customer release schedule  


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10/01/2021 12:46 am  

If you have backed SimplyColor3D 2.0 on Kickstarter, or the preorder through the website, then this is were you can see information about when you will receive access.

Here is a link to a google spreadsheet which has a list of all the backers in the order they will receive access. You can see that Repeat Backers have priority over New backers, and the repeat backers with the highest pledge amounts are granted access first.

SimplyColor3D 2.0 - Backer & Customer release order google sheet

There are some known issues with the application. We are working on them but will list them here just so you are aware:

  • SplitModel is currently offline
  • Colors added to the a perfectly flat horizontal surface (like the top of a coffee table)will not be split
  • Splitting does not currently support holes and they will be filled.
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