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Upgrade or downgrade

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Randy Fisher
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Was the release a upgrade or downgrade? Seams like all that was done was the load taken off the servers, My program wont even open after the first time.. pops open and instantly closes... Still feel ripped off.. Prusaslicers opensource paint feature being add'd to this would of been more of a upgrade. 

Eric Helfrich
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I have this same issue on my work computer. Have been working with the team to to fix that issue. The servers were down yesterday. I did get it to work on my home computer. Wow, what an improvement. There are a bunch of new features that will help to make great parts. I use prusa for painting, but it has it's limits. I was very impressed with the new version. You can control a lot of how it slices your model. different depths at different locations on your model. Biggest was that when it slices the model, it doesn't have the layer lines like the old version. It's smooth just like your model. It's still has a few bugs, but they are working on it. Now you don't have to orient your model just like you wanted to print it, or scale it 1st. After you split it, you just drop the parts into your slicer and then you can orient it how you want or scale it. It worked just fine in Prusa. I too was frustrated with the 1st version and by how long it took to get to V3, but what I've seen so far, It'll be worth it. My next step is using Meshmixer to make alignment pins for the split parts.

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Hi @randy-fisher

We are definitely aware of the 'white screen blink' issue, and are working on fixing it.

The move to a desktop version was 0% to do with reducing server load and 100% to improve the user experience. It's still in Alpha and we don't have Microsoft/Apple/Google/Prusa dollars so please be patient with us,  We will fix it 😀