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Can't Command X Travel Past 250mm Prusa Mk2.5

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I have attached the purge mechanism with the thingiverse adapter on my Prusa Mk2.5. I am now trying to us the purge location g-code but I can't go past 250mm using pronterface. I can't find anyone else with this issue. All instructions just say "G1 X255.5 F1000" nothing on how to enable moving outside the 250mm limit. Please advise. Thank you. 

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Hi @blacmac

I don't think it's an issue with pronterface. I just checked and we didn't have to make any changes to pronterface to get the printer to move past 250...

Maybe it's a setting in the M2.5 menu? Or a firmware soft-stop?  But we don't have an M2.5 to check this on...