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Inconsistent instructions for motor current

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I was a Kickstarter backer, so I was relying on the instructions in the Google Drive folder, and the test gcodes that have M907 commands to set the motor current at 850 for the purge, 650 "normal". Boy, did my X motor get hot when I ran the TestPurgeV3 script! 

I'm also using the P2PP postprocessing tool for PrusaSlicer, and I saw that the latest revision recommended values of 450 and 300, said to come from the instructions on Thingiverse. (Since I had bought the kit, I had no need to look at Thingiverse, assuming I could even get the site to load...) Imagine my surprise when I finally could open the TV page and saw the 450/300 recommendation and the instruction to disable crash detection (when I tried 450/300 without that, the printer kept complaining about crashes.)

I have reread the Google Drive document and nowhere does it say anything about this. The test gcode files still have the high M907 values, and say nothing about crash detection. Please update these! (The P2PP developers also recommend using three springs with 450/300 - this works for me.)

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Hi @steve,

thanks for the heads up. We've updated all those files now and added the note about crash detection to the google doc. We need to find a better way to consolidate all these settings. We'd use Thingiverse for that if it weren't for how terribly slow and unreliable it is.