Looking for mod for...

Looking for mod for Creality CR-6 SE - anyone out there modding it?  


Tyler Parsons
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13/11/2020 5:07 pm  

I've got the kit and put it together, in hopes I could easily adapt it to my new Creality CR-6 SE.  But, it's looking harder than I'm up to tackle.  Anyone out there with the new CR-6 willing to adapt this and provide files?

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Jeremy Prine
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08/01/2021 3:16 pm  

Hear here! I'm looking to do this too... but, not only have I not been able to find a suitable mounting adapter to print, overall the purge mechanism simply isn't wide enough for the nozzle to get to the right spot -- the CR-6 has a wide protective metal cover covering the hot-end, print cooling fan, and electronics, which leaves the "filament catcher arm" roughly a half inch too short. I could remove that cover, but then I lose the print cooling fan. 🤔