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MK3S+ Fitting

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Ive been using the purge mekanism very well on the MK3S, ive just upgraded to MK3S+ due to printing flex material but now im getting collisions with the mekanism. It appears the nozzle is too far forward for the mekanism (i suppose some spacers could help with that), but i also seem to have a height issue with the nozzle and pinda probe, its now hitting the mekanism.

The entire extruder assembly was changed and im wondering if there were some changes in the design which affect the mekanism.

From doing the purge location test the nozzle and pinder seem too low for the mekanism (i know the pinda can move but i have a perfect setup right now), the only thing changed was the extruder mounting parts, the hardware is the same and the printer was recalibrated.

Has anyone come accross this yet?

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I have the same problem too with my Prusa MK3S+. the PINDA gets caught in the mechanism and won't move.

Not sure if the arm need to be bigger/longer to get a better contact with the extruder's side when it goes into position? The arm gets into contact with the extruder at this location (in red on the picture, of course I moved the PINDA wire out of the way beforehand)

Also, I followed the tuning guide to get the best X position value to locate the hotend nozzle right on top of the tack. But about 1/3 of the time the hotend either falls short by 1/8", or goes over by 1/8". The good thing - 1/3 of the time it falls on the right spot.

Again, the contact surface between the arm and the extruder's main body seems to have an influence, but most likely the whole purge assembly doesn't have enough holding screws to keep the purge bracket rigid and straight while the extruder is ramming the arm.

I'm currently working around this by giving more volume to the PRUSA original x-idler's right-end so it would be possible to add several screws on both the lower end and right of the bracket assembly.

Maybe, if the non-moving section of the wedge can also be solidly resting against the idler's body it could give additional rigidity to the whole apparatus?

In anycase BigBrain, that is a very ingenious mod indeed 🙂

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