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Working Mount for GeeeTech A10/A10M/A10T

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Has anyone figured out how to successfully mount the retractable purge mechanism to a GeeeTech A10 series printer?

I have the A10T.  It has three spools all running through a single hot end.  On the right side of the hot end is a 40x40x20mm fan that interferes with the purge mechanism.  The action arm would also enter the fan and destroy blades.

The backing plate for the mechanism was also 4mm too short, and the mount to attach the system to the printer was flimsy.  I’ve redesigned them, and will make those files available on Thingiverse when the bugs are worked out.

That doesn’t fix the issue that the 20mm thick fan pushes the working end of the gizmo at least 10 to 12 mm too far to the right.

I’m waiting for a 10mm thick high speed fan to see if that gives me the clearance.

Has anyone else made this work on an A10T?


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I am in the middle of trying to build up an RPM for my A10T. Were you able to confirm if thinner (10 mm) fan gave enough clearance?

If you don't respond or inform me that there is still isn't enough clearance, I will likely try to move the fan to the top and add some type of fan duct to allow for the airflow that is needed. Seems like there is limited time to work on this but, I would like to make use of this accessory.


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Thanks for sharing