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RE: Progress on updates?

Over in Kickstarter, I saw the announcement of the Swapper. When I complained that none of the other things I bought from BigBrains has actually worke...

11 months ago
RE: Upgrade/Patch Status?

Very disappointing. Was so excited during the kickstarter that I bought lifetime access...and it doesn't work for my purposes (3d Printing.) Could ...

2 years ago
RE: SimplyColor3D 2.0 - Getting started

I have a similar problem - I created a 3d model of a screwdriver holder and uploaded it. I painted in the labels that were indented on the model for ...

3 years ago
RE: I need some gcode schooling...

On my Prusa MK3S, I needed to first a) load the filament to the nozzle and b) add a gcode command to set the temperature at the very beginning: ...

3 years ago