Swapper3D Instructions

Adding nozzles to inserts

*There is a video of the whole process after the last step



  1. You need a 7mm open ended wrench,
  2. A 7mm socket and ratchet,
  3. A3nm (26.6In-lb) torque bit or equivalent,
  4. A nozzle,
  5. and an insert

Screw the nozzle into the insert by hand


  1. Place the nozzle, thread side down into the end of the insert
  2. turn the nozzle with your fingers until snug

Slide the insert into the open ended wrench


  1. Take the 7mm open ended wrench in one hand
  2. Using the other hand,
  3. Slide the insert into the wrench

Correctly torque the nozzle into the insert


  1. Take the 7mm socket and ratchet with the torque bit installed
  2. Place the socket on the nozzle
  3. If not already done, set the torque to 3.0nm(26.6in-lb)
  4. turn clockwise until the torque bit clicks. Pro Tip: small torque bits like that used in the video below, are pre-set to the torque setting printed on them and are not adjustable. The “click” sound you are listening for is quieter than that of the ratchet. Don’t worry about turning the ratchet too hard as the torque bit will not allow the nozzle be tightened more than the set torque amount, even if there are multiple “clicks” the torque will not be too high.
  5. Repeat on all inserts

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