Swapper3D Instructions

Assemble check Button

Add button to bracket


  1. Place the switch holes (pink arrows)
  2. onto the bracket nubs (purple arrows)
  3. with the switch arm (orange arrow)
  4. on the same side as the bracket bulge(yellow arrow)
  5. place the switch strap over the switch and align its holes (green arrows) with the holes on the bracket (blue arrows).
  6. Use two(2) M3x10mm socket cap screws to secure the switch strap to the bracket (red arrows)

Add bracket to swapper body


  1. Press two(2) m3x10mm socket cap screws into the bracket holes (red arrows)
  2. Align the bracket holes (red arrows) with the switch bracket securement holes on the main Swapper body (pink arrows)
  3. Place the bracket bulge against the main Swapper body (yellow arrow)
  4. tighten the screws to secure the bracket to the holes in the main Swapper body

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