The Swapper3D - Instructions

Introduction and Safety guidelines

Congratulations on your innovative decision to acquire The Swapper3D™! As a fellow pioneer at the frontier of 3D printing technology, we’re thrilled to join you on this exciting adventure. Before we start, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some crucial safety guidelines. Please review these instructions thoroughly to ensure a secure and seamless 3D printing experience.

**Safety Precautions and Warnings:**

1. **Be Mindful of Moving Parts:** The Swapper3D is equipped with two arms that may move unexpectedly. Maintain a safe distance and avoid close proximity to the device during operation to prevent accidental injuries.

2. **Guard Placement:** Confirm that the safety guards on the arms are securely in place during operation. Using the Swapper3D without these guards can increase the risk of personal injury or device damage. NEVER operate the Swapper3D with the guards removed!!!

3. **Hotend Safety:** The Swapper3D’s end effector interacts with the hotend insert. Handle this component with care as hotends can reach extreme temperatures, leading to potential burn hazards. The tool arm can move at any time without warning.

4. **Cutting Element Safety:** The Swapper3D features a cutting element on an arm. Be aware of its position during assembly and operation, keeping a safe distance to avoid accidents. The cutter arm can move at any time without warning.

5. **Eye and Face Safety:** Ensure the protection of your eyes and face while assembling, calibrating, or operating the Swapper3D. We recommend wearing safety glasses and keeping your eyes, face, hands, and any body parts out of the reach of the cutter arm and tool arm at all times. Sudden arm movements may occur, potentially resulting in injuries.

6. **Power Safety:** Always ensure the Swapper3D is powered off and unplugged from the power source before performing any maintenance, servicing, or assembly. This practice reduces the risk of electrical shock and physical injuries.

7. **Children and Pets:** Ensure children and pets are kept away from the Swapper3D during assembly, calibration, and operation to prevent accidents. Children should NEVER operate the Swapper3D without adult supervision!!!

8. **Please follow the instructions for assembly, calibration, and operation which can be found at>Support->Swapper3D-Instructions, or directly at this address:

9. **Each step in the instructions has text and pictures. Read the text fully, and look at each picture. Sometimes text will have information that the pictures do not, and sometimes the pictures will have information that the text does not. The pictures are ordered first to last and they are in the same order as the text instructions.

Safety is paramount as we navigate through this new era of 3D printing. Please adhere to these safety guidelines for a safe and productive journey with the Swapper3D.

You’ve already displayed your astute decision-making skills by choosing the Swapper3D. Now, get ready to explore its full capabilities on your Big-Brain journey!

Happy Printing!

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