Printed parts and firmware files

Please remember this section for later. If you are printing the parts yourself then see below for the information about printed parts. If you purchased the printed parts then you may skip that section. In either case, please remember this page for later as you may find the links to various firmware files and replacement parts here.

This google sheet lists the printed parts needed for each configuration that the Swapper3D can be mounted to. The print plates include a prusa slicer 3MF file with the correct quantity of parts, support materials, correct orientation, and print settings for each of the printed parts and it’s recommended that you use them instead of printing individual parts.

Printed parts STL & Step files is where you find the 3MF print plates, stls and step files.

These links are for quick reference and are needed at various times throughout the assembly and setup process. They are also listed at the steps in the manual where you will need them:

Xloader (set the baud rate to 115200, Uno, and your own com port)

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