Swapper3D Instructions

Replace the x-end idler​



loosen the X belt


  1. As per the picture (pink arrows), Loosen screws 1 and 2 but not all the way
  2. Unscrew 3 and 4 as far as possible, but leave them in the holes
  3. belt should now be very loose

unscrew the z nut


  1. As per the picture (pink arrows), unscrew all the screws holding the round black plastic Z nut

unscrew the right z stepper motor


  1. As per the picture (pink arrows), unscrew all screws holding the Z axis motor on
  2. Remove the Z nut by Unscrewing it up/off  the metal threaded rod (aka the lead screw).
  3. This will free the Z axis motor to move down now

unscrew the z top bracket


  1. Unscrew the 2 screws holding the Z top bracket on (pink arrow)
  2. remove the bracket

remove the X belt idler bearing


  1. by turning the Left lead-screw (yellow arrow), raise the x axis to the top of the printer
  2. by gently pulling up on the right side of the x-axis (blue arrow), pull the right lead-screw out of the way
  3.  Remove the screw (pink arrow) by turning counter-clockwise
  4. pull out the belt and bearing

remove the smooth shaft


  1. Pull the ‘smooth shaft’ (pink arrow) up and out of the Z bearing,
  2. completely remove it from the printer and set it aside.

pull x-end idler off the X smooth shafts


  1. Using a wiggling motion,
  2. and while holding the horizontal smooth metal rods,
  3. pull the x-end idler (pink arrow plastic part) toward the right until it is removed from the printer.

Remove the bearings from old X end idler


  1. The plastic part that you removed in the last step, the x-end idler, will be replaced
  2. Using a pair of pliers, remove the linear bearings from the old x-end idler
  3. then remove all nuts from the old x-end idler.

    Pro Tip: Remember which nuts and screws go in which holes because they will be added onto the new x-idler in the next step.

add nuts to new x-end idler


  1. To transfer all the nuts, screws, and bearings over to the new x-end idler, follow these steps;
  2. Use the ‘too long screw’ technique to pull the nut into the bore, that is, you take a screw from your original Prusa3D screw spares that is too long, then use that to stick through the hole and screw onto the nut, then tighten to seat the nut
  3. use the same technique for the idler bearing nylock nut
  4. use needle nose pliers to insert the second nut into its slot

add the linear bearings to new x-end idler


  1. press in one bearing in as far as you can by hand
  2. then press in the second bearing on top of the last
  3. then turn it over and press down onto a hard surface like a table to seat it the rest of the way
  4. gently tapping  the bearing on a table or with a soft mallet can help seat them all the way

Press the new x end idler onto the X shafts


  1. Installation is the reverse of how we removed the old x-end idler plastic bracket
  2. Line the two holes up to the two horizontal smooth shafts
  3. holding your left hand against the left side end of the horizontal smooth shafts,
  4. and Using a wiggling motion,
  5. press the both your hands together
  6. press the new x-end idler ALL the way onto the smooth shafts until the smooth shaft is visible in the little top window (pink arrow)

Pro tip: A soft rubber mallet, can also be GENTLY used to tap the right side of the x-end idler(red arrows) to get it all the way on.

Replace the X belt


  1. Make sure the belt is seated in the X stepper pulley,
  2. Rotate the X stepper motor clockwise to slacken the X belt,
  3. then put the X belt idler bearing back in,
  4. replace the same screw you took out before.

replace the right z stepper motor


  1. while lifting the x-end idler up,
  2. insert the right side Z motor threaded rod (aka linear screw) into the bore of the Z nut

replace the z lead screw linear nut


  1. Thread the Z nut clockwise back onto the Z threaded rod

replace the Z smooth shaft


  1. Slide the Z smooth shaft(pink arrow) back through the x-end idler linear bearing
  2. press the bottom end of the smooth shaft into the Z motor holder bracket’s smooth shaft pocket (yellow arrow)

Attach the Z motor


  1. Replace the screws that were originally removed on the right side Z axis stepper motor, at least 2 screws should be replaced (yellow arrows)

Replace the Z rod cap


  1. Using the 2pcs M3x10mm socket cap screws that were originally removed,
  2. screw them back into place (pink arrows), securing the Z smooth shaft cap in place

Tighten the Z linear nut


  1. Replace all the 18mm socket cap screws that were originally removed (pink arrows),
  2. Tighten the screws, which will secure the Z nut back onto the x-end idler

Tighten the X belt


  1. tighten the 4 original loosened screws on the X stepper motor mount (left side of the printer),
  2. tighten the X stepper motor and belt to the previous tension,
  3. The belt to twang with a low note when plucked, not too tight and not too loose.

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